Sets herself apart from the rest

While we were considering a number of other agents she made our decision easy by clearly setting herself apart from the competition. We were living in Virginia preparing to buy a home in Connecticut. We could not travel routinely to Connecticut to meet  with prospective agents and had to choose one based on how they sold themselves through emails or phone calls. Michelle was unlike any of the others. Her first email revealed she was well organized, highly qualified, assertive and understood how to make a positive, professional, first impression. Her natural drive and determination clearly shined through in her presentation. One of the only agents who followed up with a phone call, the enthusiasm and skill Michelle conveyed in a few conversations quickly proved she would be the perfect agent for us. Michelle will get the job done! For a number of weeks we watched good homes in Connecticut go under deposit in a matter of days after coming on the market. A property described as, “Your Dream Home” popped up on our MLS one day. We conveyed to Michelle that we were VERY interested in this home and wanted her to move quickly on it for us before it could be sold to someone else. Michelle focused on our request with the quality attention we had come to expect. Within a matter of days we were under contract for, what is now, OUR meticulously constructed, beautiful, fine quality home. Michelle Mayo is trustworthy and principled. We bought our fabulous home, sight unseen, based solely on Michelle’s assuring us that the home was in exactly the condition it appeared in pictures. We were not able to spend time in Connecticut viewing potential properties. We wanted to have a home purchased and closed by June. From Virginia we depended on Michelle to view for us, the properties we were interested in. We relied on her to judge and accurately convey the information we needed to make the largest financial and emotional purchase one ever makes; their home. Michelle handled this task with great integrity and enthusiasm. And with her trusted input and swift response we were able to secure this home for ourselves before anyone else had a chance. Michelle is an effective negotiator and she gets results. Michelle negotiated a great deal for us. We closed at exactly the price we wanted to pay for this home. We could not have been more pleased from start to finish with Michelle’s conscientious and honest approach to real estate. Michelle skillfully fought for and protected our interests from the initial negotiations through inspections right up to closing day. We had top notch representation! 

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